At this moment Joey Soplantila is making a new progression and ideas by new presets on the Line 6 Firehawk, Line 6 Spider III and Digitech RP14(d). Tweaking new sound and frequency for Ibanez guitars (RG models, with HSH elements en HSS elements electronics).

Joey Soplantila is an autodidact with solfége of frequency, while experimental using to hear what seems to be the issues. One of the issues is there is a difference between making technical tweaking a preset sound or frequency for home use or outside (podium, theatre or live). This is because there is a different signal when using this in difference spaces such like acoustics of a room, electronics, magnetic or electronic fields and also while playing with frequency shifting keys.

Download the app Firehawk
By experiments of signals, frequency and shifting keys like: clean, distortion, reverb, overdrive, Soldano enhanced, chorus and flanger and a mix of those productions and presets as experimental use. A new creation of ideas will be born with lot of ideas and changes to put it on a list of new sound productions. That can be used for different kind of management while playing on the Line 6 Firehawk. This is also known for the end-users for this product by app (Firehawk Remote under the name Joey S.) to download this as a new preset. This can be installed especially for Line 6 Firehawk models and later versions. So the user can use this as a new sound or frequency.

Download the app: Android.
Download the app: IOS.

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