Joey Soplantila  

Name: Joey Soplantila

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Joey Soplantila is working as an advisor at e-services department VodafoneZiggo.

Joey is known as a specialist solfége of frequency. Also in sound distrubution is recognized to Joey's past. The influences came by experimentals of gathering such like musical projects, jamsessions and autodidact self learning hearing.




Solfége of frequency

Joey Soplantila is also expert in solfége of frequency with sound of guitar playing. One of the hobby is playing guitar for fun.
Such styles and influences like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Patrick Rondat, Paul Gilbert and many more.
Often to be found on rock styles. But beside that there is also pop, funk, jazz, fusion, soul, etc.





Joey is pro Ibanez player. Beside the guitars of Ibanez JEM, 30 frets (RG550 XH) and other Ibanez guitars, it is important the guitars have a Floyd Rose tremelo system instead of a normal bridge. The reason is that this floating tremelo system can be reached higher (or lower) notes and also available for more 'screams' while playing solo. The attraction between neck and bridge is complete different then normal tremolo systems. Most of all the fine tuning is most important. It doesn't matter if the floating tremelo system is a single lock (SLT) or double lock (DLT), if there is a locking nut on the neck.